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29 김수민. (2019). Game or live streaming?: Motivation and social experience in live mobile quiz shows.
28 양소은. (2019). The effectiveness of information literacy education: Lessons in Korean case.
27 노선혜. (2019). Detecting party identity from political language: Candidate network in 2016 Korea general election TV devate.
26 오창학. (2019). Imagined future of China state.
25 김혁, 김해수, 권영진, 장한솔, 이수민, 이준환. (2019). The implementation of MiRO, a media-as-place computer game.
24 이철주. (2019). Fatalism and exposure to cancer information online: Education and ehealth literacy as moderators.
23 저널리즘 가치에 기초한 알고리즘을 이용한 뉴스의 시각화 (박대민 외)
22 게임 속 아바타의 이동에 따른 게임 공간의 변화와 여정: 월드 오브 워크래프트 크롤링 데이터를 중심으로(김동환 외)
21 A Dream of SM Entertainment: Sub-Cultural imperialism, Developmentalism, and Financialization of K-POP (박대민, 이상규)
20 The Burden of Going to a health club: Reconstructed weight training practice as a self-technology (이소은)


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