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39 김동환. (2019). 컴퓨터 리터러시를 높이는 미디어 교육 사례 발표.
38 박소정. (2019). Postcolonial reading of the star’s skin beauty aesthetics in South Korean media.
37 김수민. (2019). Comparing data from chatbot and web surveys: Effects of platform and conversational style on survey response quality.
36 최우빈. (2019). The effect of conversational agent’s error message strategy on trust and user experience.
35 오지원. (2019). Virtual celebrities, storytelling, and spectacle: Comparing Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) and Lil Miquela .
34 노선혜. (2019). Detecting party identity from political language in TV debate: Region-centered or ideology-centered party .
33 김장원. (2019). The effects of social media posts’ vividness on user engagement .
32 서유지. (2019). Moral foundations in newspaper editorials about stigmatized groups.
31 이재우. (2019). Fighting mis-/disinformation one game at a time .
30 배인환. (2019). Effects of mentioning mental illness in crime news on readers .


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