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국제 학술 세미나

국제학술대회 < Many Faces of Health Communication >

□ 일시 / 장소 : 2016. 3.18/ IBK 커뮤니케이션센터 201호 
□ 주최 : 서울대학교 언론정보연구소, ICT 정책연구센터 
□ 발표
Thomas Hove (Hanyang University, Korea) (사진) 
  - How Can Health Communicators Deal with Cross-Cultural Value Conflict
Shirley Ho (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 
  - Presumed Media Influence, Social News, and Adolescents’ Drinking Behavior: A Case of Rural Thailand
Iccha Basnyat (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  - Structural Violence in Health Care: Lived Experience of Street-based Female Sex Workers in Katmandu
Hye-Jin Paek (Hanyang University, Korea)
  - Roles of Fear-Arousing Media in the Public Responses to Health Risk Issues
Hee Sun Park (Korea University, Korea) (사진) 
  - Temporal Distance and Behavioral Intentions Critical to Organ Donation 
Minsun Shim (Inha University, Korea)
 - Interplay of Threat, Efficacy, and Uncertainty in Cancer News Coverage: Analysis of News Content and Effects in South Korea



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