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No. Title 일시
49 언론정보학 해외석학 콜로키움: 9/23 (금) < Joseph B. Walther: The Things We Do for Love: Online Hate in Social Media> 2022.09.23
48 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 9/19 (월) <Vincenzo Cicchelli, Sylvie Octobre: Hallyu as an Alternative Aestheticized Global Pop Culture> 2022.09.19
47 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 8/9 (화) <Brandon Van Der Heide: Breaking the Fifth Wall: Exploring the Computer-Mediated Communication at the Nexus of Mediated and Interpersonal Communication> 2022.08.09
46 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 8/2 (화) <Jingwen Zhang: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Communication for Persuasion and Behavior Change> 2022.08.02
45 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 7/13 (수) <Jingbo Meng: Social Support in the Digital Age: Social Network and Artificial Intelligence> 2022.07.13
44 언론정보학 해외석학 콜로키움: 6/29 (수) <Dhavan V. Shah: Digital Traces and Social Ties: How Computational Social Science is Transforming Communication Research> 2022.06.29
43 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 5/20 (금) <Chang-Dae Ham: Exploring How Consumers Cope with Hidden Persuasion in Digital: Role of Data, Algorithm, and Human (vs. Artificial) Intelligence> 2022.05.20
42 언론정보학 해외석학 콜로키움: 5/13 (금) <David R.Ewoldsen: Reflecting on Narrative Entertainment> 2022.05.13
41 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 4/7 (목) <Jennifer Kam: Structural Barriers and Mental Health Strain: The Role of Communication in Cultivating Resilience for Undocumented Students> 2022.04.07
40 언론정보학 해외저명학자 초청 특강: 2/16 (목) <Lee Humphreys: Mobile Media and Time> 2022.02.16


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