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언론정보학 포럼

43차 언론정보학 포럼 : James F. Vesely
  • 일시 08.05.28
  • 첨부 파일 KoreaRemarks_SNU.doc
  • 작성자icr
  • 날짜2017-11-27 20:30:12
  • 조회수355

□ 2008-3차 언론정보학 포럼(43회차)

◆ 일시 : 2008. 5. 28(수) 12:00-13:00  
◆ 장소 : 희관기념홀
◆ 사회 : 양승목 교수
◆ 발표 : James F. Vesely (The Seattle Times 논설주간)
◆ 주제 : Writing in the Clouds- A modern history of global communications

James F. Vesely (Editorial Page Editor, The Seattle Times)
Jim joined The Seattle Times in 1991 and has served as Editorial Page Editor since 2001. Before joining The Seattle Times, he spent much of his career in the Midwest, plus a stint as an editor in Anchorage, Alaska. Vesely was a Journalism Fellow of Stanford University and is a member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers. At The Seattle Times, Jim writes a column of commentary and opinion focused on Seattle's Eastside communities and growth management issues, as well as editorials on the Pacific Rim, its economy and trade. Jim has made frequent reporting trips to Asia and was a member of the U.S.-Japan Editor's Conference. He first visited China in 1984 as a visiting editor with the People's Daily, Beijing. He also covered a wide range of national and international events - political conventions, presidential campaigns and changes in Eastern Europe. He lives on Mercer Island. Jim and his wife, Jean, have two adult daughters.



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