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서울대-동경대 연례 심포지엄 <저널리즘과 미디어 연구의 새로운 방향>
  • 일시 2010.10.21-22
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  • Date2017-11-28 17:19:59
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서울대-동경대 연례 심포지엄 <저널리즘과 미디어 연구의 새로운 방향: New Directions in Journalism and Media Studies>

□ 일시 / 장소 : 2010. 10. 21(목) ~ 22(금) / 희관기념홀
□ 주최 : 언론정보학과 BK21사업단, 언론정보연구소
□ 발표 및 토론



Opening Remark           Sugmin YOUN (Department of Communication, SNU)
Congratulatory Address  Hidetaka ISHIDA (The Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, UT)

SESSION I                          Chairperson               Shunya YOSHIMI (UT)

Presentation1           Eun-mee KIM (SNU) 
Exploring the relationship between Internet literacy and family background:  Is literacy inherited?
Presentation2           Shigeto SONODA (UT) 
Emerging socio-cultural approaches to Asian regional integration research
Discussant1          Joong-seek LEE (SNU)
Discussant2          Sung Gwan PARK (SNU)

SESSION II                          Chairperson              June Woong RHEE, (SNU)

Presentation1          Márcio Labes FUKUDA 
When news goes mobile: Effects of innovation on the gatekeeping of content for mobile phones by Japanese
Presentation2          Ju Hyun LEE        
Exploring SNS as a news platform
Presentation3          Ryo OKUBO        
Before photojournalism: Lantern slides of the eruption of Mt. Bandai and the currency of news photography in late nineteenth-century Japan
Presentation4          Ming AI                
Sporting nationalism on Korean and Chinese Internet: A content analysis of BBS posts on the 2010 winter Olympics
Presentation5          Satoshi NARIHARA        
“Indirect regulation” of online speech: A case study of regulation of materials harmful to minors in Japan
Presentation6          Soo Yun SHIN        
Internet for the Internationals: Effects of Internet use motivations on International students' college adjustment
Presentation7          Ja-Young NAM         
Media use and nationalistic attitude: A cross-national research in East Asia

SESSION III                  Chairperson                      Eun-Ju LEE (SNU)
Presentation1          Sang Hyuk LEE                
A study on aggressiveness in MMORPG play : Party playing and aggressiveness
Presentation2          Jinhee LEE        
‘Zainichi’ and Korean : A discussion on the identity and language of J-Koreans
Presentation3          Nami OHI        
An analysis of the emergence of a haiku system from the perspective of neocybernetics
Presentation4          Hana LEE        
A longitudinal study on the relation between adolescents' computer use type and their deviant behaviors, the deviance in cyberspace
Presentation5          Gukchin SONG        
Negotiating Identities: Passengers and state surveillance on the Kanpu Ferry during the interwar period of imperial Japan (1918-1937)
Presentation6          So-Eun LEE        
Body as text: A study of the changing perspectives on human body in the digital era


SESSION IV        Chairperson        Sugmin YOUN (SNU)
Presentation1        Kaori HAYASHI (UT)         
Emerging socio-cultural approaches to Asian regional integration research
Presentation2        Kyusup  HAN (SNU)        
Cross-national  differences in political information:  A media systems perspective
Discussant1        Seung-Mock YANG (SNU)
Discussant2        Jae Chul SHIM (Korea Univ.)



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