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국제 학술 세미나

국제 학술세미나 < New Perspectives of Media Studies in Digital Era >
  • 일시 2007.10.05-06
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  • Date2017-11-28 17:18:37
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* 국제학술세미나 <New Perspectives of Media Studies in Digital Era>

□ 일시 : 2007. 10. 5(금)~6(토) 
□ 장소 : 희관기념홀
□ 주최 : 서울대 언론정보연구소 / 서울대 언론정보학과 BK 사업단
□ 후원 : 서울대 연구처

□ 프로그램

Oct. 5th. 2007

Opening Address---------------------------------------------------------------------------09:50-10:00
Myungkoo Kang / Seoul National Univ., Korea

Session 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10:00-12:00

"Research Trends in Media and Technology Studies"
Chair : Kwang-Yung CHOO/ Seoul National Univ., Korea 

Seung-Mock YANG / Seoul National Univ., Korea 
"Communication Research Trends in Korea: A Content Analysis of Three Major Journals"
Peng DUAN/ CUC, China
"Evaluate the Application Value of New Radio Technology in China Society"
Ringo MA/ HK Baptist Univ., HongKong
"Culture and Crisis Communication"

Discussant 1: Brett HUTCHINS/ Monash Univ., Australia
Discussant 2: Zhihui TIAN/ CUC, China
Discussant 3: Koichi IWABUCHI/  Waseda Univ., Japan


Session 2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------14:00-17:30

"What is Communication? (1) : Emerging Ideas and Perspectives" 
Chair: Myungkoo Kang / Seoul National Univ., Korea

Brett HUTCHINS/ Monash Univ., Australia
"The Pressing Need to Investigate Local and Regional Media in a Global Age"
Koichi IWABUCHI / Waseda Univ., Japan
"What’s so "cultural" about the study of media culture now? Beyond brand nationalism, into media citizenship"

Discussant 1 Ringo MA/ HK Baptist Univ., HongKong
Discussant 2 Yanfang BU / CUC, China

Coffee break-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15:30-16:00

Zhihui TIAN/ CUC, China
"The New Media of Beijing 2008"
Namjun KANG/ Seoul National Univ., Korea
"Television Audience Polarization in a Multichannel Era : Using the AGB Nielsen People-Meter Data" 

Discussant 1: Jae Hyun LEE/ Seoul National Univ., Korea
Discussant 2: Xuemei ZHOU/ CUC, China

Oct. 6th. 2007

Session 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10:00-11:30

"What is Communication? (2) : Emerging Ideas and Perspectives" 10:00-11:30
Chair : Sugmin YOUN/ Seoul National Univ., Korea

Jukka JOUHKI/ Post-doctoral Researcher, Finland
"State of Communication Research in European Countries: Focusing on Estonia, Finland, France and Germany"
Fenghai LIU / CUC, China
"HIV Preventing Information Delivery in Virtual Community: Based on Case Study of a Gay Website"

Discussant 1: Sooah KIM/ SNU, Korea
Discussant 2: Ming XIAO/ CUC/ China


Session 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13:00- 15:00

Student's session 1 
Chair: Mi Sook, BAEK. SNU, Korea

Min Joo LEE / SNU, Korea
"A Study on the Japanese Censorship of Film in Colonial Korea"
Zhenming ZHU / CUC, China
"Reflection of the communication in a digital age who is our imaginary"
Jiahui LI/ HKBU, HongKong
"The Relationship between Organizational Communication Climate and Organizational Commitment: A case study of Mainland China"
Yu JIANG / CUC, China
"Social Structure and Internet Literacy  An Empirical Study on Teenagers'Internet Usage in Beijing"

Discussant 1: Minsung PARK/ SNU, Korea
Discussant 2: Hojung KIM/ SNU, Korea

Coffee break (15:00-15:.20)

Session 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------15:20- 17:00

Student's session 2
Chair: Sooah KIM, SNU, Korea

Bohyong KIM/SNU, Korea
"Early Female Announcers in Korean Radio Broadcasting: 1927-1950's"
Li HUA / CUC, China
"Analysis of Interactive Programs Which Take Advantages of Internet"
Seoyoung CHOI/ SNU, Korea
"Construction and reproduction of masculinities in Korean cyberspace"

Discussant 1: Kyuchan KIM/ SNU, Korea
Discussant 2: Hyunsuk KIM/ SNU, Korea



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